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Arrowhead Donates to ALS Ride for Life

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Arrowhead Elementary School students and faculty lined the bus circle with exuberance and colorful posters and banners in hand on May 22 to welcome riders participating in the 2024 ALS Ride For Life. The students donated $1,710 for the organization, which was proudly presented to organizers and riders during this momentous occasion.

In attendance were riders Jay Epstein, Desi Kessler, Paul Weisman and Paul Werner who have been battling Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a fatal motor neuron disease that causes degeneration of nerve cells in the spinal cord and brain. President and Chairperson of ALS Ride for Life Ray Manzoni, ALS School and Ride Coordinator Barbara Brown and board member Christine Pendergast also marched with the riders and students.

On behalf of the students, fourth grade teacher Gina Schwartz said, “We know there is a cure blowing in the wind. Never underestimate the power of your mission.”

The ALS Ride for Life was started by Chris Pendergast in 1997. He battled the disease for 28 years, and since his death in 2020, the foundation and ALS Ride for Life continues in his memory.

During the school year, Ms. Schwartz’s fourth graders, along with Mrs. Swart’s and Mrs. Callan’s prekindergarten enrichment classes, sponsored fundraisers. In May, the students sponsored Dream for a Cure for ALS where students and faculty wore their pajamas to school and generously donated to ALS and wore baseball caps and team attire for Strike Out ALS. There was also an online donation page and the sale of ice pops and ALS bracelets.

After the ceremony, the students had the opportunity to meet the riders and to express their hopes for a cure.

Date Added: 5/29/2024