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The Board of Education, recognizing the complexity of school operations, understands that concerns about employees may arise. The intent of this policy is to maintain appropriate dialogue among residents, the administration, and the Board while, at the same time, safeguarding employees from unfair criticism.

The Board believes that concerns are best handled and resolved as close to their origin as possible and that the staff typically should be given every opportunity to consider issues and attempt to resolve problems prior to Board involvement. As such, the proper channeling of complaints will normally be as follows:

  1. Teacher, (click here for email directory)
  2. Principal, or immediate supervisor, listed below (click here for email directory)
    • Academy: Gustave Hueber
    • Arrowhead: Marisa Redden
    • Gelinas: Corinne Keane
    • Minnesauke: Nancy Pickford
    • Mount: Merrilleen Heidrich
    • Murphy: Vincent Cereola
    • Nassakeag: Heather Levine
    • Setauket: Dr. Deana Rinaldi
    • WMHS: William Bernard
  3. Superintendent of Schools, or his/her designee, and (click here for email directory)
  4. Board of Education. (click here for email directory)

The Board recognizes the right of each resident to bring any matter to the Board’s attention at any time, but, in fairness to all, urges adherence to the aforementioned channeling sequence. The Board also recognizes that other existing open channels may be used by a resident (e.g., website, Superintendent’s forum, Committee meetings, etc.) but, again, urges adherence to the channeling sequence.

Consistent with the Board’s obligations under the law, the individual employee will be advised of the nature of the concern and given fair opportunity to respond, explain, and comment upon the matters at issue. Every attempt shall be made by the investigating level to obtain all pertinent facts to assure fairness both to the resident and to the affected employee.

Cross-ref: 1400, Public Complaints

Ref: Education Law §3012; 3020-aCivil
Civil Service Law §75
Public Officers Law §100(1)(f)
8 NYCRR Part 84
Article 16, TVTA Contract

Adoption date: December, 1991

Revised: April 28, 2009
December 15, 2021