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Core Beliefs

We know that ALL students must learn at much higher levels than ever before. For that to occur schools must ensure that all children everyday are provided with engaging, satisfying and challenging lessons.

These beliefs are a call to action for the entire Three Village school community. They define our enduring character. They are a celebration of diversity and the uniqueness of every student and staff member who are part of this learning institution. They should help us to focus our resources and inspire our continuous renewal.

The school community must find new, personalized ways of engaging families and community resources to foster mutual respect and real partnerships with the District.

The rules, roles and relationships of the District need to be aligned with our beliefs, and leaders need the courage and support to get done what needs to be done.

The core purpose of public education is to maximize the success of each student's learning and personal development so s/he becomes a successful part of our democratic, multi-ethnic society.

Every student can learn more when s/he experiences lessons that are intellectually challenging, rewarding, relevant, enriching and self-fulfilling.

The district has an obligation to:

  • Design and support flexible learning environments that best meet each student's needs.
  • Select and develop staff who share the district's core beliefs;
  • Establish clear expectations for staff performance;
  • Provide the resources and support for staff to be successful;
  • Establish a learning environment that makes staff feel self-fulfilled, productive, and valuable;
  • Provide feedback and challenge staff to continually learn and improve;
  • Care about staff as individuals and professionals.
  • Provide a safe learning environment;
  • Ensure a challenging curricular and extracurricular program with high expectations for students;
  • Tailor quality-learning experiences for every student;
  • Expand learning opportunities by linking the student to other individuals and resources.
  • Prepare students to be adaptive to change, able to accept responsibility for their actions and the impact they may have on others, and able to work independently as well as in groups to solve complex problems.

Code of Conduct

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District Plan for School Based Planning and Shared Decision Making

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Parent's Bill of Rights

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APPR Plan - Annual Professional Performance Review Plan

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Assessment Administration in Conjunction with APPR

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Independent Auditor's Report

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Three Village Central School District Records

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Records Requests/Freedom of Information Law (FOIL)

Information Regarding: School District Records for Public Access

Application for Public Access to Records (Via Mail or E-Mail)

Application for Public Access to Records (In-Person or U.S. Mail)

Student Records/Transcripts


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