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Office of Human Resources


Thank you for your interest in working in the Three Village School District.  As you know, our district is committed to excellence in education and athletics.

As part of our Core Beliefs we must ensure that all students are provided with engaging, satisfying and challenging lessons.  In order to facilitate this, every effort is made to hire the most highly qualified, competent professionals and provide them with the professional development and support necessary to successfully meet the high expectations of the community and the needs of all students in our schools.

The Human Resources Department supports the school district’s Core Beliefs by recruiting and recommending  a most capable and dedicated staff.  Working as partners in the education of our students, we provide support to our staff in a variety of areas such as, mentoring, professional development, and in-service coursework.  

We are looking for talented and energetic staff to join our team and become active participants in the Three Village School community.

This website will provide you with the information and resources necessary to apply for a vacancy and become part of our team.


Contact Information

For questions regarding certified positions, please email the Personnel Department at

Human Resources Office Hours

Monday through Friday: 8 am – 5 pm

Identification Badges -By Appointment Only

Must have Drivers License/NYS ID





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