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Nassakeag Elementary School

Address: 490 Pond Path, East Setauket, NY 11733
Main Office: (631) 730‑4400
Fax: (631) 730‑4403
Principal: Heather Levine
Asst. Principal: Erin Nastri
School Hours: 8:43a.m. - 2:58p.m.

Exterior photo of Nassakeag school building

School Vision Statement

Our school is a community of learners where we focus on the social, emotional, and academic growth of each child. We strive to establish in each student a strong academic and personal foundation through high quality instructional experiences and school-wide adoption of "Rachel's Challenge" principles. The principles are:

  1. Start a chain reaction of kindness
  2. Accept and include others
  3. Be a positive influence
As a result, we have created a school climate that is conducive to learning. Our students are able to achieve academic success in a safe, nurturing environment.


Important Phone Numbers


School Updates



Bus transportation will be limited to designated bus routes and bus stops only.

For long-term child care purposes only, permission to take a different bus to and/or from school may be granted by the school principal by advance written request from the student's parent or guardian. The child care provider must be listed on the emergency contact card. Please complete the below form and return it to the Main Office.

Current News

Celebrating Lunar New Year

Students wearing red in front of a Lunar New Year display thumbnail240426

Across the district, students and staff celebrated Lunar New Year and the Year of the Rabbit through events, activities and schoolwide displays.

Nassakeag Elementary School held a parade led by Mr. Prinzo’s sixth grade class. Students created a large dragon puppet that they carried through the halls. In Chinese culture, the dragon symbolizes good luck, strength and health. The sixth graders marched along to the beat of drums and gongs, which are traditional instruments in Chinese New Year celebrations. After the parade, classes held their own festivities where families were invited to help students make crafts. One class created rabbit puppets and wore red, a color to represent prosperity.

Mrs. Kane’s kindergarten class at W.S. Mount Elementary School learned about Lunar New Year traditions. Students learned about the meaning of the color red and what the Year of the Rabbit symbolizes. They created a display for the school’s main hallway that reads “Gung Hey Fat Choy,” wishing everyone happiness and prosperity. Additionally, the kindergartners made smaller signs that say, “Xin Nian Kuai Le,” or “Happy New Year,” as well as paper lanterns. The class dedicated the display to Hui Jing Eggleston.

Arrowhead Elementary School students learned about Lunar New Year through the morning announcements. Two fifth graders, Olivia and Vivian, celebrate the holiday and wrote an essay about its meaning and traditions. They read their essay aloud to the entire building.

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Date Added: 1/24/2023

Songs of the Season

People standing together outside thumbnail238408
Students singing outside thumbnail238409
Students singing outside thumbnail238410
Students singing outside thumbnail238411
Students singing outside thumbnail238412
Students singing outside thumbnail238413
Members of the fourth grade chorus at Nassakeag Elementary School spread holiday cheer during arrival on Dec. 14. Students kicked off the day by singing holiday songs as students walked into Nassakeag from the bus circle. Students were excited to sing along and get in the holiday spirit.

Date Added: 12/14/2022

Oil Spill STEM Challenge

Two students working on their STEM Challenge and smiling at the camera thumbnail238361

Fifth grade students at Nassakeag Elementary School channeled their inner environmental engineers during an in-class STEM challenge. Students were given a scenario where they were tasked with joining the clean-up effort after an oil spill. They could only use the provided materials to clean up all the oil from the feathers and the water.

Students worked collaboratively to come with the best ideas to tackle the challenge within time constraints. Through this science activity, they learned the impact humans can have on the environment, as well as the difficulties of engineering a solution to an environmental problem. Additionally, students learned the long-term impacts of these problems, as they were unable to completely clean the water.

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Date Added: 12/13/2022

Power of Poetry

Ward Melville High School student Ella O’Connor and staff thumbnail237514

Sixth grade students at Nassakeag Elementary School were recently visited by Ward Melville High School student Ella O’Connor for a discussion about poetry. Last year, O’Connor was named Suffolk County’s first teen poet laureate after winning a Walt Whitman Student Poetry Contest in collaboration with the Suffolk County Legislature.

O’Connor led the group in a presentation about poetry and the power of words. She empowered the group through writing, while focusing on the following themes: youth can change the world, poetry can change minds and what you say matters.

During the presentation, O’Connor tasked the sixth graders with writing their own poems. They followed the theme, “What is something I can do to change the world,” and were guided step-by-step through the writing process. Students first brainstormed and mapped out their ideas. They decided on rhythmic structures and chose writing devices such as similes, metaphors and alliteration to include. O’Connor encouraged students to enter these poems, as well as other original pieces of writing, in local and regional competitions.

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Date Added: 11/28/2022