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Phone: (631) 730-4400  |  Fax: (631) 730-4403

Attendance/Health Office - 730-4410
Please report all absences and late excuses to the health office.
Transportation Office: 730-5070, Fax: 730-5095
Weather Related Closing Information - 730-4050

Gail  B. Casciano, Principal
Kristin P. Rimmer, Assistant Principal

School Hours are 8:43 a.m. to 2:58 p.m.

School Drop-Off/Pick-Up Procedure
Please do not drop off students earlier than 8:20 AM.

Information regarding K-2 bus dismissal

K-2 Parent Release Authorization for Bus Dismissal

Dismissal Note Template

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Please be advised: Due to our updated security protocol, students participating in before school band, orchestra and chorus must be dropped off at either the University Drive Lobby or the Pond Path Greeter's Desk. The other entrances will be locked.


Letter for Parents about Go Math

How to access the Go Math Parent Academy



How to Access Information on the Parent Portal:

Parents with children entering kindergarten

Parents with children in grades 1-6

Vision Statement

Our school is a community of learners where we focus on the social, emotional, and academic growth of each child.  We strive to establish in each student a strong academic and personal foundation through high quality instructional experiences and school-wide adoptionof "Rachel's Challenge" principles.  The principles are:
        1.  Start a chain reaction of kindness
        2.  Accept and include others
        3.  Be a positive influence

As a result, we have created a school climate that is conducive to learning.  Our students are able to achieve academic success in a safe, nurturing environment.



Bus transportation will be limited to designated bus routes and bus stops only.
CHILD CARE: For long-term child care purposes only, permission to take a different bus to and/or from school may be granted by the school principal by advance written request from the student's parent or guardian. The child care provider must be listed on the emergency contact card. 


Current News

Focused on Good Character

As part of the school’s character education program, Rachel's Challenge, Nassakeag Elementary School students and staff have once again pledged to cause a chain reaction of kindness. Individuals documented their joint effort to create an inclusive environment and promote compassion for others by signing a large banner displayed in the main hallway of the school.

Awareness for the yearlong initiative kicked off during an interactive assembly called “Make a Good Choice,” led by musical storyteller Lou Del Bianco. During the event, Mr. Del Bianco took the audience on an exciting journey through his childhood, sharing the daily joys, dreams and missteps he encountered along the way. Students had the chance to consider what types of choices they would make if they were in his shoes and reflected how those choices would affect their own lives.

National Change Makers

As the nation paused to honor the 14th anniversary of 9/11, Nassakeag Elementary School fifth-graders in Adele Gibbons took the 9/11 Good Deed Pledge.

After watching an informational piece about the hope that was born out of the tragedies – namely in the children who were born that day – the class embraced the notion that they each have the power to make a positive difference in the world. Each student then documented how he or she would help effect change through a written pledge, which was displayed to share with the school community.

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