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Students ‘Sticker Shock’ the Community

Students ‘Sticker Shock’ the Community thumbnail259372
Students ‘Sticker Shock’ the Community thumbnail259373
Students ‘Sticker Shock’ the Community thumbnail259374

Ward Melville High School students participated in the second annual community Sticker Shock Campaign event. Earlier this school year in their health classes, students took part in the Sticker Shock competition through the Town of Brookhaven’s Drug Prevention Coalition. They were challenged to create sticker slogans to remind adults the dangers of purchasing alcohol and vape products for minors.

The coalition selected three finalists for print and Ward Melville students “sticker shocked” the community by placing these reminders on products at local businesses. They put stickers on alcoholic beverage cases, take out bags and even pizza boxes. The activity helped students send an important public health message to the Three Village community.

Date Added: 6/7/2024