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Arrowhead Walks for Autism Awareness

Arrowhead Elementary School celebrating Autism Acceptance Month. thumbnail257660

The Arrowhead Elementary School community celebrated Autism Acceptance Month throughout April. The building held a kickoff assembly on April 8 to explain the many events the building would be holding to promote inclusion and raise awareness about autism. Teachers and students led several fundraisers, as well as a spirit week centered around autism acceptance and awareness.

The celebrations culminated with a schoolwide Autism Awareness Walk on April 19. At the walk, teachers presented a $1,095 check from the building’s fundraising efforts. The funds will benefit various organizations supporting autism awareness. Additionally, the building’s Autism Ambassadors were introduced. One student was selected from each grade level after being nominated by their classroom teacher to share what they’ve learned about autism during April. The afternoon ended with a schoolwide walk for students and staff to come together for the cause.

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Date Added: 4/23/2024