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The Writers’ Block

Writing Center

in the Ward Melville High School Library


Open every school day

Periods 1-9 and after school (period 10, 2:00-2:30)


                   Period 1                        Ms. Tursi

                                2                        Ms. Metrio

                                3                        Ms. Lesson

                                4                        Ms. Tursi

                                5                        Ms. Gerver

                                6                        Ms. Tursi

                                7(A days)          Ms. McGlone

                                7(B days)          Ms. Tursi

                                8                        Ms. McGlone

                                9                        Mr. Swain

                              10                        Ms. McGlone


                                  Make an appointment or drop by for feedback

All writing assignments, all subjects

                                Prewriting, Planning, Writing, Revising, Editing

For inquiries, contact Ms. McGlone at

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