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Site Based Team:

Currently, the Mount Site Based Team consists of the building administrator(s), teacher representatives, and parent members.

A Site Based Team (SBT) or Shared Decision Making Committee is mandated for all NYS Schools by the Commissioner's Regulation 100.11. It is designed to provide a collaborative process where participants equally share their expertise to reach consensus on issues of mutual concern for improving the educational performance of all students in the school.  The issues that the SBT addresses fall into 6 general areas: building mission statement, curriculum & instruction, environment, communication, human resources, and financial resources.

The underlying principles of SBT are:
*Those closest to students will make the best decisions about their education
*School staff & parents should have a say about policies & programs affecting their school and their children.
*Those responsible for implementing decisions should have a voice in making those decisions.
*Change is most likely to be effective and lasting when those who must carry out the change feel a sense of ownership and responsibility for the process.

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