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*Important Information for Sophomores & Juniors*


Tips For Writing a College Essay


2018-19 Course Offering Guide - *Updated 1/11


"Best College Fit" Presentation 



College Application Refresher Power Point


2018-19 School Profile 


Career Exploration


Suffolk County Community College

Early College Program Information 



Official SAT Practice Test: Personalized SAT Practice on Khan Academy


College Subject Test Requirements




Student To Do Checklist:





Strategies For Dealing With Early Decision Deferrals


11th Grade College Planning Packet


College Application Process Directions


 College Planning Timeline 


College Planning Guide 2018-19


Teacher Letter of Recommendation Information Form


2018 - 19 Financial Aid Night Presentation


Financial Aid Information


How to Survive the College Admissions Madness


"Best College Fit" - What to do if you are wait listed


Guide to The College Admissions Process


Changing Times in College Admissions in the Ivy League


Peter Van Buskirk - College Planning Information


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