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President's Volunteer Service Award Information

UPDATE:The deadline for all PVSA applications has been moved due Friday, April 10. 

The term unprecedented has suddenly become over used, and yet there is a no more fitting description we can assign to this time in which we are living.  Presumably as a result of this pandemic, we have received a markedly lower submission rate than normally expected for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award.  We are fully aware of how tough these weeks have been when so many people are suddenly working from home, not working at all, helping children learn to adjust to online instruction, and caring for loved ones.  However, we do not want any students who have gathered the necessary service hours to lose the opportunity to be recognized for their accomplishments. 

To respect safety precautions outlined by so many medical experts, we ask that applications be emailed as a scanned attachment, a PDF, or even as a picture taken electronically from a phone to your PVSA building representative.  Representative information can be found on each school's website.  

Applications for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award were initially due tomorrow, 4/3.  This deadline will be extended one week until 4/10.  

Signatures are typically required to verify service hours. Emailed verification will be perfectly acceptable if you were unable to gather signatures prior to social distancing measures.  

  Any hours above 15 typically require a letter, on letterhead, from the verifying organization.  At this time an email from a representative of the organization will be perfectly acceptable.

If you, or someone in your family is dealing in a direct way with the effects of Covid-19 and need more time to complete your application, please reach out to me or to your building's PTA/PTO representation.  We will of course offer as much leeway and support as we can.


Please send all pages in PDF Format and email to:


Congratulations on your decision to participate in the

President’s Volunteer Service Awards!

This award acknowledges students who volunteer their time to community service and do not benefit personally. The purpose of community service is to renew your commitment to help others and to make new connections that bring us closer together as neighbors, communities, and as a nation.  The goal is to recognize and honor volunteers who set a standard for service, encourage sustained commitment to civic participation and inspire others.

You will be asked to document your services between April 1, 2019 - March 31, 2020. Deadline for logs is Friday, April 3, 2020 (Main Office) In June 2020 at Ward Melville High School, the Three Village PTA/PTO and The Three Village Teachers’ Association will host a ceremony to acknowledge your services.


Please see the below links to the guidelines and logs

2019 - 2020 Presidential Volunteer Guidelines

2019- 2020 Presidential Volunteer Log & Acknowledgement 









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