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Student Resources

The websites listed below were carefully selected and are intended for student use. However, with the rapidly changing nature of web sites and the World Wide Web, including the multitude of links located on each site, there is always the possibility that a student can access inappropriate material. For this reason, we stress the need for guidance regarding the use of the Internet.

Castle Learning Online Grades K-12

Castle Learning, is a web-based student NYS assessment review product for students in grades K-12. This software provides practice with field-tested questions. Instant feedback and progress reports pinpoint a student's strengths and weaknesses. Castle Learning is easily accessible from school, library - even at home - wherever an Internet-connected student is!  If you do not have a Castle Learning account ask your teacher or contact the Department of Instructional Technology.

Three Village Information Center Resources - The Virtual Reference Collection

Elementary Schools
Junior High Schools
High School

Connect  LIVE with an Online Librarian

How to Search Destiny without a user name

BrainPop - For students in grades K-6.  Subscription information can be obtained through the classroom teacher or library media specialist.

Discovery EducationSee your Library Information Specialist for log in information. Discovery Education Tech Book in Social Studies grades 3-6 and Science grades 5-6.

Go Math for Grades K-5 - Thinkcentral

Go Math for Grade 6 -

                                                                              Safe School Helpline - 1-800-418-6428, ext. 359
Help keep our schools safe - Anonymous reporting of threats of violence, suicide and illegal activity that could harm students.

Video in Teaching and Learning


Kahn Academy – thousands of “How To” topics for students of all ages.

Neo K-12 -  Educational videos, lessons and games for grades K-12.

US Dept. of Education Free Resources for Educational Excellence

Watch, Know, Learn - free education videos

YouTube Education – Provides a “cleaner” search and less advertising

HippoCampus - Learning with Digital Media 


NYS Regents and State Exam Prep New York State Department of Education Regents exam site.  This site also provides information and samples for student assessment at all grade levels.

Castle Learning - see your teacher for an account

EngageNY - Developed and maintained by the New York State Education Department to support the implementation of key aspects of the New York State Education Standards.

Suffolk Web - "Live-brary"

Quiz HUB
A free online interactive learning center for high school students

BJ Pinchbeck Homework Helper
Over 570 links to educational sites in all subjects

Career Resources

Internet Safety  Staying Safe on the Internet
Common Sense Media - Best Websites for Kids

Other Web Sites

Time Magazine for Kids
Science News for Kids
Washington Post for Kids
Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site
Exploratorium - students in grades 3-6 have accounts.  Please contact your child's teacher.

Design and Thinking Tools for Students


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