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Information Technology


What is the Campus Portal?
The Three Village Central School District provides parents and students with access to the Infinite Campus Portal. This is a web-based student management program that permits users with Internet access to view the student’s school calendar, schedule, attendance, NYS assessment and Regents scores, class assignments, projects and tests, and important event dates.

In Grades 7-12, the interactive schedule will show actual grades received on an ongoing basis. It is important for both parents and students to check the portal regularly to view ongoing grades.  Parents and students have different accounts to access the portal.  A student’s report cards for Quarters 1 and 3 are provided through the PORTAL ONLY (report cards for Quarters 2 and 4 will be mailed home). The District reminds parents when report cards are available for viewing in the “Reports” section of the Parent Portal. If you desire a paper copy of each report card mailed home to you, please make a request to your assistant principal. In Grades K-6, the report cards are available online as well.

If you have never logged into Infinite Campus, you will need your personal activation code (GUID key #) that is used to create a unique account. This can be obtained at your child’s school or in person at North Country Administration Center (Room 110). Please be prepared to show photo ID.


How do I get a Parent Portal account?
Each parent or guardian is provided with their own, private access. You will have one account to view all of your children in the Three Village Central School District. Each student also has an account to view his/her individual student information. In the interest of security, we ask that you keep your access information private and not share it with your children. In the future, we hope to significantly reduce the number of paper mailings intended for parents.


How do I find a teacher’s or staff member’s email address?
Employee emails are available via a link on our district website called “E-Mail Directory” or


What is Moodle?
Moodle is an online class management system that provides teachers with a web-based environment for classroom materials. Students can access electronic notes, presentations, lessons and links to outside resources. It also provides a secure way for students and teachers to exchange assignments via the web. Students obtain a username and password from their teacher along with instructions on how they use it.


What is BYOD?
Bring Your Own Device is available to all staff and students in Grades 7-12. The District’s Wi-Fi network is secure and filtered. Student must register their device and log in using their district network credentials. See Policy 5695 for guidance and acceptable use.


What is GAFE?
Google Apps for Education are free, web-based word-processing, presentation, drawing, forms, and spreadsheet programs which are utilized by Three Village students in the 2015-2016 school year. Access is available via the Internet from the Chrome browser; however, other browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari will also provide access. Three Village School District has its own, private community in the Google environment which means that document sharing and collaboration among teachers and students can only occur with other Three Village users. This private community for education also bans advertising and other commercial diversions for teachers and students.  The Three Village Google e-mail feature is not accessible for students at this time.


What is Microsoft Office 365?
Due to an existing enterprise agreement with Microsoft, students are now able to download and install Microsoft Office desktop applications on their home computers and/or devices for FREE!

This entitlement provides students access to the commercially available Microsoft software products. The software is the same as if you purchased it directly from your local retail or App store. As such, the District’s content filters and Internet security services are not associated with your home computers or personal devices. Students are also able to save to Microsoft’s OneDrive, a cloud-based system for file access and sharing. All active Three Village students are eligible for this program. Please follow this link for details and directions.


What types of technologies are available in the schools?
The District recognizes that the successful integration and use of technology is dependent upon providing teachers and students with reliability in hardware and network services. The District has also expanded the walls of the school district by providing 24/7 access to technology resources through the implementation of web-based programs such as Moodle, Castle Learning, Discovery Education,, GAFE, Naviance, TurnItIn, BrainPop, Read 180, Go Math, Destiny library automation system and many other curriculum-based programs, all of which enable the school community to fully embrace and practice “anywhere, anytime” learning. Beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, the District will provide all students in grades 7-12 with a Chromebook device to use in school and at home. Please refer to the Instructional Technology Department page for more information.

Classrooms – There is a networked computer in every classroom with Internet access and a student workstation in every classroom. Document cameras and projectors are also installed in a majority of our classrooms as well.

Computer Labs – There are at least two labs in every school that can accommodate full classes.

Information Centers – Each library contains a minimum of 28 workstations and is fully automated with many electronic resources, including a Virtual Reference Collection (available to students 24/7) as well as a collection of eBook titles. Students can access the Destiny system from home to look up book titles and reserve books online.

Mobile Device Carts – In addition to traditional computer labs, the District also provides teachers and students with sets of mobile, wireless device carts that are available in each of the elementary schools. Carts can travel from class to class when needed. This resource provides teachers and students with one-on-one access to technology for streaming video, research, writing, publishing, etc.

School-specific technologies are listed below.

At the Junior High Schools:

  • Technology labs – All seventh- and eighth-graders are enrolled in technology classes
  • Music technology labs
  • Digital photography labs
  • One to One Chromebook program

At Ward Melville High School:

  • Interdisciplinary labs
  • AutoCAD lab
  • CISCO Networking, Automotive Tech lab and Mechatronics Academy (a three-year program offered at Ward Melville HS with an articulation agreement with Suffolk Community College for optional college credit towards an Associate Degree in manufacturing)
  • 4 iMac labs – Graphic Art, Advertising, Video Production and Music
  • Business Department lab
  • Social Studies lab
  • Global Language learning lab
  • ;One to One Chromebook program


What are the District’s Policies Regarding Computer, Network, Internet, and Mobile Device Acceptable Use?
Computer, Internet/Network Use Policy 4526, Students and Personal Electronic Devices Policy 5695, Internet Safety Policy 4526.1, Student Code of Conduct Policy 5300.


Are there any websites or resources that can help support learning and education at home?
Yes, please visit for a multitude of educational resources.