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An Outlet to Boost Learning

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Brightly colored decals and numbered sequences of activities are enabling Minnesauke Elementary School students the chance to view a walk through the hallway in a new and fun way this school year. 

The project, which was brought to fruition by the school’s Site Based Management Team and PTA, is called a sensory path and has been installed in the hallway by the building’s gymnasium. The path is created using adhesive film stickers that when applied form such things as a hopscotch path using the letters of the alphabet and a beautiful daisy that creates a path of numbers.  

The concept of a sensory path has recently been introduced in schools across the nation. They were originally developed with input from physical therapists, occupational therapists and other experts in child development as a way to encourage movement and activity, particularly on days when recess is indoors. They are also designed to provide a series of movements to allow students to take a break during the day and have been found to regulate sensory-seeking behaviors while increasing cognition. 

Friday, September 18, 2020   |  District Home