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Remaining Mindful at Minnesauke

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Sixth-grade students in Patricia Woods’ class at Minnesauke Elementary School participated in a series of activities geared toward mindfulness training. 

Mindfulness is defined as paying attention to the present moment on purpose and with kindness. Overwhelming research is proving mindfulness practice is an effective method to reduce stress, anxiety and improve executive function and attention. 

With the assistance of parent volunteer and trained mindfulness educator Jessica Ciardullo, the students learned calming breathing techniques, how to stay in the moment, approach test taking more clear-headedly and many other mindful approaches to living. 

Additionally, the students created glitter bottles. When shaken, the bottles showed how minds clutter when one is stressed and when the glitter settled it represented how much clearer one’s thoughts are when allowed to slow down, breathe and recognize intrusive thoughts but not allow them to consume us.  

Wednesday, September 18, 2019   |  District Home