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Healthy Study of Digestion

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With the help of their health education teacher Christina Driscoll, students at Arrowhead and W.S. Mount Elementary Schools took part in a hands-on exploration of the human digestive system.

As part of the district’s elementary health program, students in fourth grade learned the parts, functions and role of digestion in the body. For this lesson, which was the culmination of the unit, each student was assigned an organ or chemical involved in the digestive process. Students organized themselves in the order in which their job occurs. When it was their turn, they had to perform a task that simulates what happens at each stage. 

Whether students were the “teeth” who mashed up a food product into smaller pieces, the “stomach” who, along with “hydrochloric acid,” blended the food together or the “small intestines,” which recovered essential nutrients, every child enjoyed a memorable and at times messy learning experience.

Monday, August 19, 2019   |  District Home