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Unifying School Communities

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R.C. Murphy Junior High School students and staff reaffirmed their commitment to creating a positive learning environment by taking part in a series of activities in recognition of Unity Day this October. 

A sea of orange – the national symbolism for unity/anti-bullying – blanketed the building throughout the week, including everything from orange bracelets worn by students to construction paper signs with positive quotes and a mural in the school cafeteria. 

Students also reflected upon how to create a sense of unity within their local and global community in their history or English classes and attended a moving assembly program with Rohan Murphy. Mr. Murphy spoke with the students about the personal struggles he faced after losing both his legs for genetic reasons and how he has realized his dreams – including becoming a collegiate wrestler – despite what some might consider physical limitations. 

The unifying week concluded with grade-level pep rallies during school lunch periods. During these events, students were seen wearing orange and were invited to help make a giant U shape.  

First-grade students in Jennifer Frole’s class at Minnesauke Elementary School also celebrated Unity day when they each wore an orange piece of clothing. 

Thursday, November 14, 2019   |  District Home