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Art on the Chopping Block

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Fashioned after the hit television show, Minnesauke Elementary School sixth-graders used their creativity and artistic skills to compete in a “Chopped” art contest in their art classes this winter.

Separated into four teams, the students worked together to use a basket of art supplies or “ingredients” to create artistic masterpieces based on an established theme. They fashioned portraits out of paper and rubbing plates, created landscape designs using various textures and made abstract paintings using canvas.

After each round of design, one team was “chopped” and joined the team of judges to assess the remaining competitors throughout the remainder of the contest. According to art teacher Christine Sacco, teams were awarded points based on their successful use of all available supplies, craftsmanship, creativity, visual aesthetic and teamwork.

Only one team per class period was named the “Chopped Champion” but all left the lesson inspired.

Sunday, September 15, 2019   |  District Home