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Project Band-Aid

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W.S. Mount Elementary school second-grader Kayla Harte has been working to make a difference in her local community this winter by coordinating a Band-Aid drive at her school.

Earlier this year, Kayla was awarded a Disney Summer of Service grant through the Youth Service of America to support her community service project, titled “Friends for Child Life.” Through this effort, Kayla focused on ways to improve the hospitalization experience for local children who are sick. As part of the drive, Kayla and her peers at Mount are donating hundreds of character themed bandages for use at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital.

In addition to the drive, Kayla is planning to help sponsor several birthday parties and special events for children in the hospital’s pediatric oncology department.

Kayla was one of only 340 students across the nation to earn this grant, which is aimed at funding student projects geared toward making their communities healthier, greener and stronger as well as promote the importance of community service, awareness, advocacy and philanthropy.

Sunday, September 15, 2019   |  District Home