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Remembering Pearl Harbor

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In recognition of the 75th anniversary of the attacks on Pearl Harbor, students throughout the district took time to pause and reflect on the events.
Nassakeag Elementary School sixth-graders in Jon Stecker’s class marked the anniversary through a series of hands-on educational activities. They viewed copies of news footage from the day as well as taped recollections of veterans and compared the material with how the event was portrayed in the 2001 movie. The students also compared the speech delivered by President Franklin Roosevelt following the attacks with the speech delivered by President George Bush after 9/11, noting the similar messages of unity and the need to rebuild. Lastly, after discussing the propaganda posters created during the time, the students created their own Pearl Harbor war posters. While researching images for their posters, they learned more about how a woman’s role had changed after the attacks, the conspiracy theories that surrounded the event and how Hawaii had not yet been named a state.

At R.C. Murphy Junior High School, all eighth-grade students viewed a live streaming from the National World War II Museum in New Orleans, Louisiana, as well as the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial in Hawaii in commemoration of the event.

The National WWII Museum webcast focused on the events of that momentous day and featured on-the-scene reporting with survivors and witnesses of the attack and iconic locations including the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial, the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific and the Pacific Aviation Museum.

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