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Gracing Cover to Spotlight Technology

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A three-dimensionally printed replica of her own image earned W.S. Mount Elementary School fourth-grader Madison Esposito a feature and cover photo on the Dec. 7 edition of the nationally read Scholastic News magazine.

The feature describes Madison’s interest in 3-D printing, how these devices are used in personal, professional and medical settings, and how her replica was produced at the DOOB 3D store in New York City.

“I was so excited to have made my ‘mini-me’ and be included in Scholastic News,” said Madison. “It is something I will always remember.”

Madison’s experience not only sparked interest from her peers, but also served as the foundation for a class discussion on the growing technology. The class read Madison’s feature, titled “Me in 3D,” and discussed how a 3-D printer differs from a regular printer and the innovative ways in which this technology is being used.

Thursday, November 14, 2019   |  District Home