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Art Students Awarded in Scholastic Program

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Several Ward Melville High School student-artists were honored in this year’s Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. This is the nation’s longest-running program for creative teens. Congratulations to the following students:

Maria Gavrilov, 10th grade in drawing and painting, received a silver key and an honorable mention for digital art submissions. She also received a silver key for an illustration.

* Rekindling Silver Key (Digital Art)
* Backstage Honorable Mention (Digital Art)
* Blueberry Bear Silver Key (Drawing & Illustration)

Sarina Policastro received several awards from various classes.

* Convenience Store Blues Honorable Mention (Digital Art)
* Three Eyes Gold Key (Comic Art)
* Skinny Pasta Honorable Mention (AP Studio)
* Things Are Looking Up Honorable Mention (Painting)
* Suddenly Silverpoint Honorable Mention (Drawing & Illustration)
* Buzz Buzz Silver Key (Graphic design)
* Cats on Swings Honorable Mention (Mixed Media)
* Found Beauty Honorable Mention (Portfolio Category)

Kylee Kong

* Eye Candy Silver Key
* Color Face – Gold Key

Sophia Greene

* Mama Bear’s Juice, Honorable Mention (Mixed Media)
* Food Truck Design – Honorable Mention (Graphic Design)
* Personal Jesus, Honorable Mention Digital Art (Graphic Design)

Alexis Comunale

* Life Cycle of an Angel – Honorable Mention
* Portfolio – Honorable Mention

Yumi Jin:

* The Escape of a Bottle, Honorable Mention, Photography (independent Work)


Date Added: 5/2/2024