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Students Qualify for Prestigious, National Math Competitions

Michael Lu and Harry Gao thumbnail256499
Two Three Village Central School District students, senior Michael Lu and ninth grader Harry Gao, qualified for the United States of America Mathematical Olympiad and United States of America Junior Mathematical Olympiad, respectively.

Qualification for the USAMO or USAJMO is considered one of the most prestigious awards for high school students in the United States. The process to earn a qualification starts with the American Math Competition. Each year, approximately 50,000 students across the country participate in the AMC, representing the top .333% of math students in the U.S. Out of those participants, only around 5,000 are invited to take the America Invitational Math Exam. This year, 14 students from Three Village qualified for the AIME. A composite score is then used to determine qualification for the USAMO or USAJMO. A simple calculation shows that these participants, including Lu and Gao, likely represent the top 0.00333% in the country, a truly impressive accomplishment.

Both USAMO and USAJMO are six-question, nine-hour mathematical proof competitions, given over two days. Beyond awards for top scorers, the main goal for the USAMO and USAJMO is to select top math students to join the Mathematical Olympiad Program to compete and train to represent the United States at the International Mathematical Olympiad.

Date Added: 3/20/2024