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Celebrating Lunar New Year

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The Three Village Central School District celebrated the Year of the Dragon ahead of Lunar New Year on Feb. 10. Students and staff learned about Lunar New Year’s many traditions and the cultures that celebrate.

At W.S. Mount Elementary School, Ms. McNally’s Pre-K classes paraded through the hallways while holding a large dragon and several instruments. Students lined the halls as spectators and chanted, “Gung Hay Fat Choy, alongside the Pre-K students, which translates to wishes of happiness and prosperity.

Similarly, at Nassakeag Elementary School, Mr. Prinzo’s sixth grade class held a parade with a dragon being carried through the halls. The dragon symbolizes good luck, strength and health. Additionally, Ms. Toner’s fourth grade class held a celebration where parent volunteers set up five stations to showcase various aspects of Asian cultures. Students participated in hands-on learning and cultural enrichment through the Lunar New Year activities.

The celebrations continued at Minnesauke Elementary School, where students created paper dragons, held a parade and participated in a dragon scavenger hunt upon arrival on Feb. 9.

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Date Added: 2/13/2024