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Polar Bear Paws Science Activity

Students working on art projects (left: polar bear project; right: sculpting project) thumbnail254238
Kindergarten students at Arrowhead Elementary School got a feel for arctic weather during science lab with Ms. Lukralle. Students have been learning about arctic animals in class, including polar bears. Once they stepped into the science lab, they read a story about polar bears and learned about their habitats and daily life. They went on to make a polar bear craft after the read aloud.

As students worked on creating their own polar bears, they took turns feeling the cold, North Pole water with Ms. Lukralle. Students first dipped their hands into a bowl of ice water, simulating the temperatures polar bears swim in. Next, they put on their “polar bear paws” – gloves filled with cotton balls and Crisco shortening to imitate fur and blubber. Once students put their “paws” into the water, they understood how arctic animals are able to stay warm.

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Date Added: 1/19/2024