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Sticker Shock Campaign

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Ward Melville High School students set out around town to spread messages about the importance of preventing underage drinking. Spring semester health classes participated in the Sticker Shock Campaign through the Town of Brookhaven’s Drug Prevention Coalition. They were tasked with creating sticker slogans and designs to remind adults of the dangers of purchasing alcohol and vape products for minors. The Drug Prevention Coalition selected three finalists for print, and students “shocked” the town by placing the stickers on products at local businesses.

Students traveled to Setauket Beverage, 7-Eleven on Old Town Road and the Setauket Pasteria to strategically place the stickers on alcoholic beverage cases, take out bags and pizza boxes. The activity is a youth-driven approach designed to reduce underage drinking, while allowing students to have a voice in addressing the problem.

Date Added: 5/25/2023