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Day to Shine

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Students shined bright at the Day to Shine event held on May 19. Students from each of the district’s buildings gathered at Ward Melville High School for a day full of athletic events and outdoor activities.

Groups of students from each building entered onto the field through an inflatable tunnel to the cheers of their peers and teachers. They took turns participating in events by grade level including a 100-meter dash, a hurdle race and a 400-meter run. Afterward, the athletes participated in field games and received medals for their efforts and hard work.

This was the first year the Day to Shine event returned to Ward Melville since the pandemic. Ahead of the event, many buildings held send-offs and pep rallies to wish their peers the best. The student-athletes were excited to participate in the event that promoted inclusion and empowerment.

Date Added: 5/24/2023