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Murphy Holocaust Remembrance Daffodil Project

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Eighth graders at R.C. Murphy Junior High School have created a bright display as part of the building’s Holocaust Remembrance Daffodil Project. In English classes, students first worked through an interactive slideshow that thoughtfully reviewed the Holocaust, survivors and upstanders. It was created by the building’s DEI Committee and was cited from the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum website. Afterward, students crafted tissue paper daffodils and displayed them on a hand-painted mural near the main lobby.

This public display respectfully honors the millions of lives lost in the Holocaust. It also aligns with the national Daffodil Project, which aspires to build a worldwide living Holocaust memorial by planting daffodils around the globe.

The project is a buildingwide collaboration between Murphy JHS students, the DEI Committee, art teachers, English teachers and school librarians.

Date Added: 5/9/2023