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Bright Light Award

Daniela Casadei-Berwind and one other smiling at the camera thumbnail241388
Daniela Casadei-Berwind and other smiling thumbnail241389
R.C. Murphy Junior High School Italian teacher Daniela Casadei-Berwind was recently awarded the Bright Light Award by the Association of Suffolk Supervisors for Educational Technologies. The Bright Light Award celebrates the accomplishments of educators, administrators or district personnel who smoothly integrate technology into the classroom and create an excellent learning experience for students.

Ms. Casadei-Berwind regularly integrates a variety of technology tools in her classroom to address a variety of learning needs, engage her students and help them develop a skill set that will benefit them in their high school years and beyond. Most recently, Ms. Casadei-Berwind developed a way to use one of the district platforms as a digital, online portfolio system to allow students to recognize their language development and learning gains.

We thank Ms. Casadei-Berwind for her dedication to helping students and congratulate her on this wonderful accomplishment!

Date Added: 2/2/2023