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WMHS Students Excel on Math Competitions

Fourteen students from Ward Melville High School thumbnail239287

Fourteen students from Ward Melville High School recently qualified for the American Invitational Mathematics Examination, the second round in the Mathematical Association of America annual math competition. The AIME is a challenging competition offered for those who excelled on the American Mathematics Competition 10 and/or 12. It is a 15-question, three-hour examination.

Congratulations to the following students: Yujay An, Amy Chen, Alexandra Duan, Alexander Huang, Daniel Liang, Katherine Liang, Lijia Lin, Michael Lu, Kevin Shi, Alexander Song, Michael Wei, Benjamin Wu, Shirley Xiong and Matthias Yeh.

In addition to qualifying for AIME, several students won individual awards based on their AMC performance. Michael Lu, Alexander Song, Michael Wei and Shirley Xiong have earned a Certificate of Distinction, which is awarded to students that place in the top 2.5%. Alexander Song and Shirley Xiong have also earned the Honor Roll of Distinction, awarded to the highest-scoring students in the top 1%.

“Fourteen qualifying students is truly an amazing accomplishment for the Math Team,” Math Team adviser Aaron Tam said. “Out of 1,600 participating schools in the U.S., each school will have less than three students qualify on average. Most of our students qualified mainly because of their dedication and hard work, in addition to their natural abilities in math.”

Date Added: 1/3/2023