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Science ‘Matters’

Kindergartens at their desk doing their science experiement thumbnail229775

Kindergarteners at Arrowhead Elementary School recently learned about matter during a hands-on science experiment. Science Lab Teaching Assistant Debbie Lukralle first read students the story, “Sneezy the Snowman,” which is about a snowman who melts when he gets too warm. The book served as an introduction to the experiment, as students learned how the snowman changed from a solid to liquid.

Ms. Lukarelle then invited students up to help create a slime. Starting with liquids, students poured different substances into a bowl. The kindergarteners hypothesized what would happen as they continued to add and stir in different ingredients. Ultimately, the students created a slime, or a solid, that they were eager to test out at their lab tables.

Date Added: 11/7/2022