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Board Honors Science Olympiad Teams

Science Olympiad team with Board of Education members thumbnail223812
Science Olympiad team with Board of Education members thumbnail223813
P.J. Gelinas and R.C. Murphy junior high schools’ Science Olympiad teams were honored at the district’s June Board of Education for the tremendous success they achieved throughout this year.

Science Olympiad is a science-based competition that requires students to compete in a series of 25 team events covering various science topics, including life, Earth, engineering and technology. Both Gelinas and Murphy teams faced off against tough competitors during various invitational competitions as well as during the regional and state contests. Gelinas came in first during the regional contents and fourth in the state. Murphy placed second in the regional competition and seventh overall in the state contest.

This was the first time in two years that the regional and state contests were held in person.

Date Added: 6/30/2022