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Painting With the Principal

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Paul J. Gelinas Junior High School students demonstrated their creativity during an innovative painting project with Principal Corinne Keane.

Before Mrs. Keane became principal, you could find her in the art classroom at Gelinas. Her love for art and design has been a passion that she wanted to continue to share with the Gelinas students. Throughout the pandemic Mrs. Keane has used art as a way to reduce the daily stress of the unknown. Wanting to connect with students and create a dialogue, she invited students to join her in her efforts, allowing them a sounding board, a creative way to express themselves and a way to cope with the stressors of the school year. The Painting with the Principal Project came to life.

Each panel that hangs shares an inspirational quote or thought for students and staff to reflect on as they walk the halls. The goal of the project is to cover every end panel of the locker banks and fill the Gelinas halls with color and inspiration.

Saturday, September 25, 2021   |  District Home