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Engineering Marble Lifting Machines

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Students in Steve Rogers’ Principles of Engineering class at Ward Melville High School learned about various design principles as they built a machine that could lift steel marbles a minimum of 12 inches and then travel the longest distance before returning to the starting point.

Working in teams, the students formed a fictional manufacturing company that was prototyping a new game system from STEM education students. The teams created a team name and logo and then worked to design their original devices based on the project specifications. Each machine was crafted using recycled materials and contained a motor circuit to power the device, a crankshaft, a camshaft and two major components. Additionally, it was required to have two separate paths for the marbles to travel.

The teams were graded on their engineering, construction, component pieces, creativity, and storage and cleaning of supplies.

Sunday, July 25, 2021   |  District Home