The Mural Awakens

As a fitting tribute to the school that will soon become their alma mater, Setauket Elementary School sixth-graders lent their artistic talents to create a large mural in one of the hallways of the building.

With the help of art teacher Maria Maritato and visiting artist and retired Three Village art teacher Frank Marangiello, the grade level created a mural based on Vincent van Gogh’s famous painting “Starry Night.” For their piece, which was called “Starry Night, the Mural Awakens,” the students added personal touches to the original, including incorporating hidden characters from the Star Wars franchises in camouflaged locations.
The sixth-grade mural project has become a tradition at the school and annually every sixth-grader has the chance to paint a part of the artistic creation.

Marching to Washington

Setauket Elementary School first-graders in Eileen Biamonte took to the stage this spring to perform the comical show “Goin’ Buggy.”

During the show, each student took on the role of a different insect or bug and implored the audience to understand why they were underappreciated in the world. Ladybugs, bumblebees and lightning bugs joined forces and marched to Washington, D.C. to fight for their rights. The show ended with insects earning a holiday in their name.

The student’s participation in the performance enabled them to gain a deeper understanding of civil rights and strengthen their public speaking skills.

Element Study

As part of a chemistry unit of study, Setauket Elementary School sixth-graders closely studied the 118 elements found on the Periodic Table of Elements. 

During the project, each student selected a different element and completed a fact sheet on the item. They took note of the element’s atomic number, atomic weight and the number of protons, electrons and neutrons as well as its valance shell. The completed information sheets were placed on display in the shape of the periodic table in the sixth-grade hallway.

In addition, each student created a 3-D model of the element they had studied. The designs were crafted at home and displayed in the Setauket library for all grades to enjoy.

Building a Sustainable Garden

The importance of water conservation is at the center of a recent project Setauket Elementary School first-graders are working on with the help of STEM teacher Gina Varacchi.   

After a discussion on the importance of harnessing rainwater, the students attended an assembly provided by Cornell Corporative Extension speaker Mark Cappellino. During the program, Mr. Cappellino spoke about animals’ and plants’ need for clean water, how much water is wasted daily and the concept of creating rain gardens. These spaces collect water from storms and individuals use the liquid to feed plants and gardens.

Inspired by the conversation, the students are now working to create their own rain garden in the school’s courtyard. To prepare, they fashioned three-dimensional models using cardstock and straw downspouts. They then tested their models using spray bottles and observed how the water traveled from the roof of the building into the rain catcher.  

This May, the students will plant close to 80 species of plants in the school’s courtyard with the help of Mr. Cappellino, which they will maintain with a new school rain garden.  

Tuesday, May 31, 2016   |  District Home