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Important dates to remember:

October 31, Halloween: Please see your class newsletter for information on celebration times, etc.

November 7, Election Day: School Closed

November 10, Veteran's Day: School Closed

November 22-24, Thanksgiving: School Closed

December 8: School Closed for all students (parent\teacher conferences for K-6 only, not Pre-K)

December 25-1, Winter Recess: School Closed

January 8-9, Pre-K Parent \Teacher Conferences: January 8th evening conferences; No school for Pre-K students on January 9th

January 15, Martin Luther King Day: School Closed

February 19-23, Mid-Winter Recess: School Closed

March 28- April 6, Spring Recess: School Closed

May 28, Memorial Day: School Closed





Enrollment for 2017-18

Enrollment for the 2017-18 school year is ongoing. If interested, please contact the program coordinator at 631-730-4400 or  Applicant will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Please follow the instructions below to apply.

To apply for the Three Village Pre-K Program you must complete and submit the Pre-K Lottery Application (can be found below) . Once you have received confirmation of your application you may complete the registration process listed below. Please do not register your child at the district office prior to applying for the program.


2017-2018 Pre-Kindergarten Registration Information

The following information is for those families who have submitted a lottery application and have been notified of their child's placement in the program.  Please complete all of the following forms and bring to the Central Registrar's office at the North Country Administration building located at 100 Suffolk Avenue, Stony Brook, NY.  Regular hours are 8:30-11:30 am and 1:00-2:30 pm.  Registration MUST be completed by August 1, 2017.

1. Pre-Kindergarten Developmental History

2. Physical Health Appraisal (to be completed by a physician)

3. Immunization Certificate (to be completed by a physician)

4. Authorization of Medication Form (to be completed by a physician)

5. Health History

6. Dental Health Certificate ( to be completed by a dental professional)

7. Emergency Contact Form

    ** All registrants are also required to present proof of residency (property tax bill, deed or notarized lease agreement) as well as the original birth certificate for the child**



Open House Flyer

Pre-K Fact Sheet

Pre-K 2017-18 Lottery Application

** 2018-19 Applications will be available online as of February 26, 2018**

For more information contact:

Nancy Pickford

Nassakeag Elementary Assistant Principal
Three Village Pre-K Coordinator
Nassakeag Elementary School




Curriculum Highlights

  • Utilize developmentally appropriate practices
  • Advance learning through play
  • Foster collaboration and interaction
  • Incorporate thematic and project-based learning
  • Immerse children in a language-rich environment
  • Construct real world learning experiences – Community
  • Embrace parents as learning partners
  • Provide a variety of learning experiences
    • Individual, large, small group
    • Active and quiet learning
    • Teacher and child guided instruction
    • Indoor and outdoor educational experiences

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