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Restore Foundation Aid to Our Schools


What’s happening? 

At a time when expenditures continue to rise beyond the district's control and federal COVID funds are set to expire, the nearly $9 million reduction in state aid proposed by Governor Hochul could mean catastrophic, long-lasting results for our schools. Please help advocate for Three Village Central School District.


What can you do?

Contact Governor Hochul, our elected officials, and our New York State Education Department Representatives today. 

Click here to send the Governor a message online.


Via Email


Via Mail

  • Governor Kathy Hochul
    NYS State Capitol Building
    Albany, NY 12224

  • Senator Anthony Palumbo
    District Office
    400 W. Main Street
    Suite 201
    Riverhead, NY 11901

    Albany Office
    188 State Street
    Legislative Office Bldg, Room 604
    Albany, NY 12247

  • Assembly Speaker Carl E. Heastie
    Legislative Office Bldg, Room 932
    Albany, NY 12248

  • Assemblyman Ed Flood
    District Office
    149 Main Street
    East Setauket, NY 11733

    Albany Office
    Legislative Office Bldg, Room 428
    Albany, NY 12248
  • Education Committee Chair Michael Benedetto
    Legislative Office Bldg, Room 835
    Albany, NY 12248 

  • Commissioner of Education Dr. Betty Rosa
    NYS Education Department
    89 Washington Avenue
    Board of Regents, Room 110 EB
    Albany, New York 12234

  • Regent Roger Tilles
    Long Island University Post
    Lorber Hall, Room 211
    720 Northern Blvd.
    Brookville, NY 11548 

Advocacy Letters

Advocacy Letter to Governor Hochul (Word Version)


Copy and paste this advocacy letter into the body of your online message or email:

I am writing to you to express my deep concern with your proposed reduction in state aid for the Three Village Central School District.  At a time when expenditures continue to rise beyond the district’s control and federal COVID funds are set to expire, any loss of school funding poses significant challenges for our district and will have far-reaching implications for students, staff and our entire educational system. Adequate funding is crucial for providing quality education, maintaining school facilities, supporting teachers, and ensuring a well-rounded learning experience for students.

The proposed nearly $9 million (18%) reduction in state aid would have catastrophic, long-lasting results for our school district.  School funding directly impacts resources, programs, support services, and even building accessibility, school security and safety. Your cuts would require us to make significant cuts to our budget, which would lead to fewer teachers, mental health supports, guidance counselors, administrators, and other district staff. This would result in larger class sizes, and the elimination or reduction of extracurricular programs, athletics, and other essential programs and services. This devastating cut in funding could even lead to the potential closing of one of our elementary schools.

These are not minor inconveniences – they are direct threats to the quality of education our students receive. Three Village prides itself on offering a well-rounded, enriching learning experience. Your proposed cuts directly undermine this commitment and jeopardize the future of our students.

The varying changes in state funding allocations can also disproportionately impact schools, exacerbating educational inequalities. Steep reductions such as the one proposed will not only require reductions to staffing and programs, but also result in increased workloads and the elimination of essential educational opportunities — all pillars of strength that our district has prided itself on providing.

I urge you to reconsider your plan to end the “hold harmless” provision and the reduction of state aid. It is absolutely essential that we provide our children with the resources they need to succeed. There are undoubtedly tough choices to be made in budgeting.  Time is of the essence in this process since the districts must have their budgets in by the end of April in time for the budget vote in May.  If any action is to take place, it must be soon so that we can plan accordingly.

Thank you for your time and consideration.