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Budget Information

Questions  and Answers Regarding Development of the 2017-18 Budget


Q: Will any programs/services be reduced under the proposed budget? 

A: No, actually the opposite. As part of the proposed budget, the district is working to maintain all existing programs and services, while also creating several enhanced and expanded offerings for students.

Q: What other program enhancements does the district plan to include in the proposed budget?

A: The district is proud to be proposing several programmatic enhancements across all grade levels as part of this year’s budget development process. These include the following:
• New, tuition free Pre-K program for district residents
• New fourth-grade chorus program
• New math centers at both JHS to support students at all learning levels
• Expansion of ninth-grade band & orchestra to provide daily instruction
• Expansion of successful writing center initiative at Ward Melville
• New secondary electives, including differential equations, ninth-grade local history and ninth-grade public speaking
• Provisions for a 1:1 device initiative in grades 7-9
• Addition of Drug and Alcohol Counselor

Q: What is the district doing to reduce class size at the elementary and secondary levels?

A: Over the past several years, the district has maintained a strong commitment toward reducing class size at the elementary level and creating a balanced class size at the secondary level. To date, our elementary classes are operating at optimal limits and our secondary programs are being provided at proper levels across our large continuum of courses. It is important to understand that while every effort is made to balance class sizes at the secondary level, singleton courses, level changes and student schedule changes during the school year have a direct impact on class size.

Q: Will staffing be reduced under the proposed budget? 

A: No, staffing will not be affected as a result of budgetary constraints.

Q: Under the proposed budget, is the district looking to pierce the New York State Tax Cap?

A: No. The district has developed a proposed 2017-18 budget within its allowable New York State Tax Cap limit.

Q: Why is the district considering implementing a pre-kindergarten program now?

A: As growing state and national research highlights the importance of providing students with appropriate intervention services as early in their education as possible, and taking note of the positive long-term financial repercussions such actions can have, the district felt it important to explore creating an official Three Village operated program to best meet students’ needs.

Q: How much will the pre-kindergarten program cost?

A: The overall cost for the program will be between $350,000-$500,000, a range that is dependent upon total enrollment. In preparation for the SCOPE operated Pre-K program, the district outfitted three classrooms at Nassakeag to include reading materials, provisions and technological resources. Additional technological resources are available and a separate playground was constructed two years ago, so limited supplies are required. Staffing costs would largely be taken care of using existing budget funding from the current personnel codes. It is important to note that these staffing changes would not have any impact on current class sizes, as the positions would have otherwise been reduced due to declining enrollment at the elementary level.

Q: Is the district eligible to receive UPK funds from the New York State Education Department for the new Pre-K initiative?

A: The district has inquired about this and unfortunately the State is not currently accepting applications for this type of funding. As with all programs, the district continues to explore ways to secure alternative funding as well as grant opportunities to support its educational initiatives.  

Q: What is the total proposed budget?

A: The total proposed budget is $204,444,527 and the related tax levy increase is within the district’s allowable limit.

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