Welcome Back to School!! Tuesday, September 2, 2014

We are very excited to begin the 2014-2015 school year!!  Welcome Back!

A new school year kicks off in Three Village


Tuesday was a special day as the Three Village School District began the new school year in style.

Whether it was the first day for a new kindergartener at one of the elementary schools or for a senior in high school, students got to know their new teachers, peers and got acclimated to their new schedules.

The district wishes all students and staff the best of luck for the upcoming school year.

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New seventh-graders welcomed to Three Village

Incoming seventh-graders at P.J. Gelinas and R.C. Murphy junior high schools were given personalized tours of each building on Aug. 26 during seventh-grade orientation.

After a brief introduction from staff, students were assigned to a member of student government, who led them and their families through hallways to navigate key areas of the building. Students also compared schedules with classmates and got acclimated with their new lockers. School administrators and teachers were on hand to ease the minds of the new students and their families.

The district wishes the seventh-graders all the best for the upcoming school year and beyond.

Fall Community Swim Program - Registration on September 15, 2014

Please follow this link to more information regarding the Community Swim Program at Ward Melville High School this fall.

Ward Melville students to participate in film festival

Ward Melville High School students Jordan Pollak, Rose Kelsos and Henry DaCosta’s films have been selected for the 2014 Varsity Brands All American High School Film Festival.

Pollak’s film “Jody’s Space”, Kelso’s film “Please Come Again” and DaCosta’s film “Hysteria” will be screened from Oct. 24-27 at the AMC Empire Theaters in Times Square. Thousands of submissions were received from more than 45 states, and theirs made the cut.

“This is an amazing honor,” Jennifer Trettner, the chairperson for art and technology for Ward Melville High School, said. “The Ward Melville art department is incredibly proud of these young film students and their accomplishments. These films are a true reflection of Jordan’s, Rose and Henry’s talent, dedication and motivation to their art. Congratulations also goes to Mrs. DiLorenzo for inspiring her students every day.”

Fall Continuing Education Course Guide Now Available

Please follow this link to our Communities page where you will find the Fall 2014 Continuing Education Course Guide

Fencers Compete Nationally

As a result of their participation on the highly successful Ward Melville High School fencing teams and private training at Mission Fencing Center, several district students competed at the 2014 USA Fencing Nationals in Columbus, Ohio.

This year’s program drew attention from more than 9,000 athletes, making it the largest fencing tournament in the world.

Representing Three Village were eight current Ward Melville fencers, two alumni and two elementary students, each of whom earned national acclaim and personal top scores in the challenging contest. Jeff Salmon, head fencing coach and owner of Mission Fencing, trained the Ward Melville students.

With more than 100 qualified fencers in their events, the youngest district students made the top 32, earning a U.S. national ranking as follows:
Alice Liu: 30th in Youth-10
Benji Solomon: 54th in Youth-10  

In the point events for older students, Ward Melville athletes achieved the top 64 or higher, which earned them national ranking points.  
Alexa Antipas (Ward Melville Class of 2013/Ohio State): 20th in Under-20/ 38th Division 1 Womens’ Sabre,
Michael Antipas (Ward Melville): 20th in Under-20 / 38th Division 1 Men’s Foil
Arianna Ferretti (Ward Melville): 71st in Youth-14 Womens’ Epee
Danny Solomon (Ward Melville): 16th in Youth-14, 24th in Under-16, 80th in U-20, 124 Div. 1 Mens’ Sabre
Ilana Solomon (Ward Melville): 44th in Under-20 / 55th in Division 1 Womens’ Sabre
Carly Weber-Levine (Ward Melville): 46th in Under-20 Womens’ Sabre

Additional Honors Earned During Divisional Events:
Carly Weber-Levine (Ward Melville): Division IA Sabre Champion (earned her "A")
Danny Solomon (Ward Melville): Division IA Sabre Champion (earned his "A" and is the only "A" rated youth sabre fencer in the country)
Team Silver Medals:
Michael Antipas (Ward Melville): Senior Men’s Foil Silver  
Alexa Antipas (Ward Melville Class of 2013/Ohio State): Senior Women's Sabre Silver
Ilana Solomon (Ward Melville): Senior Women's Sabre Silver
Carly Weber-Levine (Ward Melville): Senior Women's Sabre Silver
National Medals (Other Than National Champions):
Michael Antipas (Ward Melville 2x county champion) Division IA 8th
Ilana Solomon (Ward Melville): Division II Sabre Bronze, Division IA 5th

Fighting Malaria in Africa

With an eye toward preventing deadly mosquito-borne illnesses such as malaria, three Ward Melville High School students traveled across the country this summer to complete a pilot project in Africa. The initiative, which was coordinated by the non-profit organization The Screensaver Foundation, was spearheaded by co-founders Ward Melville graduate Emily Holtzman and sophomore Julia Holtzman. The foundation provides low-cost, cut-to-fit screen windows for huts and dwellings in poor villages.

Partnering with California-based Bug Off Screen Company, the sisters worked with sophomore Noah Kepes to enclose more than 60 dwellings in the village of Croisement Peulh with protective screens. Dozens of children greeted their convoy when it arrived in Croisement Peulh, and the chief of the village brought the entire tribe out to meet the team and discuss the project.

“These huts and dwellings had irregular sized openings for doors and windows, which are needed for ventilation because it’s very hot,” said Emily. “We needed a product that was impervious to mosquitoes, flexible and inexpensive, and yet able to maintain airflow. We managed to obtain enough Bug Off screens to outfit the entire village – every door and every window.”

Julia said that the Foundation’s next step was to offer villagers microloans to start their own screen installation businesses. “We don’t think charity is the answer,” she said.  “We think of The Screensaver Foundation as social entrepreneurship. We want to find Senegalese companies that can produce the screens, Senegalese men and women to buy them and be paid to install them in other villages. They can make money while fighting a pandemic.”