Pre-K Expanded for 2016-17

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Enrollment in the SCOPE at Three Village Pre-kindergarten Program, which is housed at Nassakeag Elementary School, has commenced for the 2016-17 school year. The program began in the 2015-16 school year and will be expanded for 2016-17 to not only include a 4-year-old program but also a 3-year-old program.

The 4-year-old program will run five days a week, for a half-day session (2.5 hours) at a cost of $300 per month. The 3-year-old program will run three days a week, also for a half-day session at a cost of $215 per month.

Each of the classes will be staffed by a NYS Certified teacher and teaching assistant. In addition to the daily staff, special education instructional teachers, an occupational therapist and a speech therapist will assist students requiring additional support. Classrooms are fully equipped with interactive whiteboard and SMART Board tables, in addition to the academic materials, which enhance lessons and playtime.

Both programs, engage students in a play-based pre-K activities that infuse the NYS Prekindergarten Foundations for the Common Core into their daily instruction to ensure the development of necessary social and academic skills. Teachers use a balanced literacy approach to reading instruction, including guided reading groups for students who are ready to read and small writing groups for students to begin to develop their ideas through pictures and print.

Socially, the classroom teachers provide many opportunities for group play each day. The students will participate in morning meetings, small group instruction and independent play, where they begin to navigate new friendships.

Throughout the course of the year, there are many opportunities for the students to be exposed to various aspects of the Three Village community on the building level and beyond. Last year, students participated in all appropriate cultural arts programs including plays, musical performances by Nassakeag students and visits from the local fire department, police department and Stony Brook EMS. The classes took one field trip to Benner’s Farm, where they learned about local animals and plants. 

For more information about the program, please review the presentation below or visit the district’s pre-K information page here.