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Intellectually Gifted (IG)


What is the IG program and where is it housed?
The Intellectually Gifted (IG) Program is located at Nassakeag Elementary School for Grades 4, 5, 6.  Placement in the program is competitive in that the top 2% of students within that grade level are invited into the program based the following criteria matrix:

How are students selected for the program?
Invitation is made based on the following criteria matrix:

• Total School Ability Index (SAI) or Intelligence Quotient (IQ)
• Lexile Level (Reading)
• Fountas and Pinnell Text Gradient Reading Level
• Universal Math Screening Score
• Writing Samples
• School Performance
• Teacher Observation Report 

The criteria matrix provides the District with an accurate profile of student performance by using multiple forms of standardized data to compare students across the grade level.

Continued placement in the program requires students to perform at the top 10% of the grade level as based upon the above criteria.  

What is the timeline for acceptance into the program/the required assessments used for program acceptance?

The timeline for the school year is:

Mid-January – OLSAT Practice Test Administered
March – OLSAT results received
Early April – Teacher Observation Report Due
1st week in May – Invitation Letters to IG Candidates
2nd week in May – Informational Meeting for Parent of IG Candidates
By the end of the 2nd week in May – Commitment to IG Program Due
End of 1st week of June – Appeal Packets Due
End of 2nd week of  June – Appeal Committee Decisions Finalized


If my child was not invited to the IG program, how do I appeal?
In order to appeal, you must contact the Office of Educational Services and request an appeals packet. The appeals packet must be returned by 8 am on the first Friday in June. The Appeals Committee will review all appeals and render decisions by the end of the day on the second Friday in June. Letters will be mailed home the following week with the decisions. Please note that all materials received have the student’s name redacted.

Who is on the Appeals Committee?
The Appeals Committee consists of one elementary school principal, one school psychologist, and one certified IG teacher. The names of these staff are kept anonymous.

If I just moved into the district, can my child be placed in the IG program?
Three Village has families who come from all over the world for a variety of reasons, but mostly due to SUNY-Stony Brook, Brookhaven National Labs, and some local businesses. Three Village does not permit students who are attending the district for the first time to enter the IG program. However, parents are entitled to appeal and should follow the process delineated under “If my child was not invited to the IG program, how do I appeal?”


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