The Great Kindness Challenge

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The Great Kindness Challenge is taking place across the Three Village Central School District, encouraging students to create a culture of kindness and positivity. Schools held kickoff assemblies to educate students about the challenge and how they can participate throughout the week, beginning on Jan. 22. Several buildings are holding kindness spirit weeks and challenging students to fill up a checklist of kind tasks.

At Arrowhead Elementary School, students have the opportunity to take part in kind stations in the cafeteria. They can write a kind note or create a heart for a friend. Additionally, the building has a kindness mitten tree where students can take a mitten and carry out the act of kindness written on it.

Meanwhile, Minnesauke Elementary School is participating in Kind Coins for Kenyan Kids, a Great Kindness Challenge service project where grade levels will collect change throughout the week. The money will help provide education to students in Kenya. Students will also visualize how kindness grows at Minnesauke with a “linked by love” campaign. Students and staff will contribute to a paper chain filled with kindness notes to hang in the building.

While the Great Kindness Challenge takes place during the course of one week, students are encouraged to spread kindness throughout the entire year.

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Date Added: 1/22/2024