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Three Village’s Undefeated Mock Trial Team

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Three Village Central School District’s Mock Trial has completed its fifth consecutive undefeated regular season in Suffolk County competition, carrying on the winning tradition through hard work, long hours and genuine intellectual curiosity. 

Team members meet regularly on Saturday mornings and can be found in the Gelinas library conferring with local lawyers, interacting with Long Island judges, and crafting and honing their arguments. 

Speaking about the importance of case preparation, senior Jake DePinto said, “Preparing for trial is all about the details of the case; we push through the facts of the matter first and make an effort to finetune our arguments.”

Mock trial coach Doug Elliot reflects, “One of the things that helps our team assert itself is our students’ thirst for learning and understanding the legal arguments each year. Our members never tire of debating each other at practice and have great respect for the law and, especially, each other.”
Seniors Jake DePinto, Emma McBrien, Leio Koga, Gabby Barry, Jay Sangwan and Jeff Casey (pictured left to right with Mr. Elliot) will graduate with an unblemished regular season record, the result of thousands of hours of practice.

With the regular season behind them, the team is now busy preparing for the single-elimination playoffs at Suffolk County District Court in the coming weeks.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020   |  District Home