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Immigration Story Wins Top Prize

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Arrowhead Elementary School sixth-grader Steven Orland was named a first-place winner in an essay contest organized by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Steven’s entry, which he created during his fifth-grade class with Christina Maffia, was written as a child’s first-person experience with immigrating to America. He wrote his piece about a young boy who was not only frightened by the move, but also curious as to what America would be like and the endless possibilities his new country would bring.

“Steven is a really talented writer, and I was quite impressed by how he applied all of the writing techniques he learned in fourth and fifth grade into the piece with such a strong and powerful voice,” said Ms. Maffia. “It was amazing how he could create something so realistic without having personally experienced the situation.”

As a top winner, Steven was awarded a gift certificate, medal and commemorative certificate.

Monday, November 18, 2019   |  District Home