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One Book, One School Project

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This school year, P.J. Gelinas Junior High School participated in the annual One Book One School Project, in which all in the school community are invited to read the same book.

This year, Gelinas chose the perfect book to embrace optimism and activate their purpose in this history-making school year. Jess Ekstom’s book “Chasing the Bright Side” inspired Gelinas students and staff alike this school year. It focused on the idea that we are in control of writing our own stories and the things that we cannot control (such as the pandemic) cannot stop us from having a great and productive school year.

Using the theme of optimism, the book was brought to life through classroom projects and discussions and the theme of the yearbook. To bring the school year to a close, author Jess Ekstrom visited Gelinas. She spoke to students, staff and parents about the power of optimism and how it has inspired her story.
Saturday, September 25, 2021   |  District Home