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Sports Clearance Requirements for Athletes


Per NY State, all students wishing to participate in a district sport (grades 7-12) must have medical clearance to do so. Medical Clearance must be completed annually. All private physicals handed in over the summer should be emailed to the WMHS nurse.

Please see physical forms below. It is suggested that you make copies of all forms for your own records.

  1. Physical Examination Form (Required)
    1. Authorization for Administration of Medication in School (if applicable)
    2. Authorization for Allergy/Anaphylaxis Medication/Emergency Care Plan (if applicable)
    3. Authorization for Asthma Medication/Emergency Care Plan (if applicable)
    4. Seizure Disorder Emergency Care Plan (if applicable)
    5. Parent Consent for Athletic Physical performed by School Doctor (if utilizing free in-school physical day)
  2. Concussion Information
  3. Parental Information

FinalForms Registration

Every athlete must register with Final Forms. Once registration for sports opens, enroll your child in the sport they are trying out for. You will then be prompted to fill out required forms (ie. parent signature, student signature, update form). All of these forms, in addition to your valid physical, must be completed in order for the school doctor to be able to review/clear your child for sports.

Click here to register for or visit Final Forms.
Click here for registration assistance.
Please note: Steps must be completed in the correct order as listed below. If you do the signatures and update form before adding a sport, adding the sport will reset the signatures and update.

  1. Add Sport
  2. Complete All Forms
  3. Once everything else is in green, the doctor will be able to review/clear your child for sports.