Ward Melville High School and the Three Village Industry Advisory Board (3V-IAB) will be hosting the 2nd annual career fair event in the Ward Melville cafeteria on Monday, January 6, 2020 at 6:30 p.m.

This year’s innovative theme is “Growth Careers on Long Island!”

Students and parents of our junior and senior high schools are invited to this exciting event to learn more about the “growing careers” on Long Island to help students make more informed choices for selecting potential college majors and career paths. To make this a fun and interesting experience for all, an informative “career DNA” online personality quiz QR code will be provided to students in their respective schools in advance and on our website. Students can take the quiz and then take a screenshot of their "color-coded" results. These results will enable students to easily navigate businesses at the event in a fun and personalized way!

This event was designed to support Three Village students in identifying their own personality traits with potential careers of interest that are growing locally and will be viable opportunities when they enter their unique professions. Businesses at the career fair will be informing students of their own personal journeys, providing tips on how to enter specific occupations, and will help students find clarity and direction for their future.