Everyone Is a Writer

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In honor of the National Day of Writing, R.C. Murphy Junior High School and Ward Melville High School students took time out of their days to pause and pen messages of unity, hope and friendship. 

At Murphy, students created “I am” dialog bubbles with affirmative statements, poems, or graphics during their English classes that align with this year’s Unity Day theme. For example, students were encouraged to write things such as, “I am the person you can always count on” or “I believe in me.” Within the world language classes, students also participated by writing in the language they are studying. The completed dialog bubbles were then displayed in the school cafeteria for all to read.

Ward Melville High School’s English classes adorned the hallways with a multitude of messages about unity and friendship. Students shared thoughtful, creative and inspiring words that expressed their beliefs and honored their experiences with others. The event also helped to bring attention to Unity Day, a day devoted to recognizing the great importance of tolerance and unity in our schools.