Exploring and Researching Local Wetlands

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Students from P.J. Gelinas Junior High School explored the tidal wetlands of Flax Pond and the surrounding shoreline during a field trip offered in the Science Research course. 

Tidal wetlands are important ecosystems which act as a buffer to lessen the impact of storms on our coastline and filter harmful pollutants. During the trip in Ken Weiner’s Science Research II course, students used a peat auger to core through the salt marsh to discover various layers. This enabled them to determine the area’s rate of wetland growth for the past 2,000 years. 

As part of their research, the students discovered how the different types of wetland vegetation are linked to elevation above sea level as well as other environmental changes that have occurred in this area. Some students operated a seine net, allowing the class to identify different aquatic species and trends in population. This trip is part of a series in which students in the Science Research courses at Three Village will increase their knowledge and understanding of the local environment through hands-on activities.