Adolescent-Issue Play Focuses on Common Stressors

Adolescent-Issue Play Focuses on Common Stressors thumbnail135513
P.J. Gelinas Junior High School student-actors will take to the stage this October to unveil the world premiere of the adolescent-issue play, “You Are Never Alone.” 

The show follows a group of students as they navigate an average day and reveals the internal and external stressors that disrupt and distract them. Each student keeps their doubt to themselves, struggling to contain it, but as the audience peeks into their thoughts, they realize that many individuals have shared these stressors. “You Are Never Alone” tells familiar stories of anxiety, fear, guilt and pressure, to remind the audience that these feelings are common, that help is available and that no one has to deal with the situation alone.  

The play will open to the public on Oct. 4 at 7 p.m. Tickets will be sold at the door and are $2 per person and $10 per family. Gelinas students will view the play for free during the school day. 

“You Are Never Alone” was written by Dan Rieckhoff, with story development by Robert DePersio, Brianna Gobetz, Michael Jantzen, Rieckhoff and Pamela Roberts. All are educators in the Three Village Central School District. This marks the school’s 17th annual adolescent-issue production.